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Catalogs of Researchers

Areas of knowledge and researchers

In order to present the information contained in this edition in a more sistematic way, we have organized it in ten areas of knowledge: biological, physical, chemical and earth sciences, mathematics, engineering, agrosciences, medicine, social sciences and humanities. We have also appealed to various specialities in each area in order to get a closer view on the large scientific production and citation by Mexican researchers in recent years. On the other hand, according to the SNI scheme, we have traied to place each Mexican researcher in only one of the ten areas of knowldge. We hope that this rule will reflect a more precise picture of the Mexican scientific community and its production and citation in the mainstream journals. We have worked out about 18,000 files in our databases for researchers, about 10% more than the members of SNI. All this files have been organized in two catalogs that are available in the ACM site: one for the researchers working in Mexican institutions and another one for the Mexican scientists working abroad, as identified by SNI.

Catalog of Researchers 2010
Catalog of Mexican Researchers Abroad

Catalogs of Researchers 2010 by field
Physical sciences
Earth sciences
Chemical sciences
Biological sciences
Medicine and health sciences
Social sciences


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