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The original mission of the Atlas de la Ciencia Mexicana (ACM) project was to provide a reliable source of statistical information on the Mexican scientific and technological community, its production and impact in mainstream journals. This task has been accomplished successfully and we now have databases with the scientific production and citations for the period 1900-2011. The ACM group of collaborators has generated also a series of academic files for more the 21,000 researchers affiliated to Mexican institutions. The present 2012 ACM edition includes a new section with the science and technology indicators for each one of the 32 federal entities. I am confident that all this data will be instrumental in order to perform a realistic development of the academic structure necessary to consolidate their research activities. In particular, the Institute of Science and Technology of Distrito Federal (ICyTDF) has found very useful this data in the definition of the research support implemented by ICyTDF.


It is also important to emphasize one of the main results documented by the ACM staff: the decentralization process of the scientific and technological activities in our country. The evidence published by ACM points towards a really impressive consolidation of the research groups in the 31 Mexican States: while the institutions located in Distrito Federal contributed to almost all the research production in the 1950-1960 decades, in recent years the DF share has decreased to less than 50% of the overall Mexican scientific production. This process arised as a result of the increase in the number of researchers located in institutions of the 31 federal states and it did not arise at the expense of the research groups of DF. Of course, this trend will induce a healthy dynamics to our scientific system and it should deepen in the near future.


Within the Latin American scenery, the ACM constitutes an essential project that has generated reliable data on the evolution of the Mexican scientific and technological activity in the period 1900-2011. In due time, this effort will be useful in implementing the right public policies in science and technology. We hope that the ACM program will consolidate its databases with new statistical information on the research groups, their production and impact in mainstream journals.


Dr. Julio G. Mendoza Álvarez
Director General
Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología del Distrito Federal






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